Tuesday, 23 December 2014


 sorry for the long break, and merry christmas in advance; lately having been getting calls from clients asking me about causes of vaginal dryness; during and after sex. so i will be blogging about the major causes: -

firstly is poor arousal before sex.most often guys are already sexual arose before talking to their partner about sex (thanks to all the ladies displaying their cleavage and walking around in bum shot) lol. so they dont need fore play to heighten their libido, they just head straight for the main action. please guys be sensitive, take time out for foreplay!
 P.S your babes has not spent the whole day looking at breast  like you!

Also Anixety is a major causes of vaginal dryness especially among the working class ladies and tertiary institution students. So ladies relax the world is not going to fall apart if you get sexual act wrong!cheers! WE ARE ALL LEARNERS

Douching with vaginal/intimate liquid can result in vaginal dryness. This is because the chemicals in these product alters the pH balance of the vaginal. best girls scout advice; wash your vaginal with only water. thank you*

When a ladies estrogen level is low, vaginal dryness can pose as a problem. casues of low estrogen level includes, menopause, after child birth and breast feeding.hmmm meaning ladies on estrogen containing contraceptives have wet vaginal!

finally some drugs can cause temporary vaginal dryness, (piriton) antihistamines.

its very important to eat fruits and drink alot of water in helps to take care of the dryness.

if you have any question kindly send me a mail or drop a comment

take care

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