Thursday, 24 August 2017


staying healthy in a developing country like Nigeria, Ghana, etc is a  way to cut down on health insurance and outrageous hospital bills.

 Here are few steps to help you and your love ones stay healty.

1. immunization : is a cheap way to prevent disease and is complication majority of the under 5 immunization  is free! other immunization that can be of help is human pappiloma  virus vaccine which prevent cervical cancer, hepatitis B vaccine which prevent liver disease, tetanus toxiod for women of child bearing age and other specific immunization for sickle celled patient.

2. wellness clinic : this is a clinic where the doctor and other health workers examine you and assess your general well being. Through this clinic up coming health issues can easily be identify and nip in the bud. everyone can attend a wellness clinic ask your primary care provide for details

3. Balanced diet : this well help supply all the nutrient needed by the body for growth and repairs. check up on a nutritionist for a balanced diet table with your locally available dishes.

4. Hand washing and hygiene :  the role of proper  hand washing can not be over emphasis in prevention of infectious diseases  which is usually one of the  major reasons why admissions in health facility are required . STAY CLEAN, STAY SAFE.

the last but not the list for this write up
5. Prompt presentation to health facility when you notice a symptoms.
thanks for stopping by always remember health is wealth 

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