Sunday, 21 September 2014

EBOLA -'Canada became a player'


Winnipeg's success comes down to excellent scientists given free rein to do world class work. But serendipity plays a role in science too.
"Out of small things and maybe being lucky — I'm sure being lucky — and maybe certain people making the right decisions, Canada became a player in the game. And I think that was the concept," Feldmann said.
Kobinger admits he occasionally meets people who want to know the secret of the Winnipeg lab's success.
"They're trying to understand if it's because we have more resources. I guarantee you, no," he says with a chuckle. "In relation to many labs in the U.S., definitely we have less."
It comes down to people, an institutional philosophy and support.
Plummer sums it up. "My strategy, and I think it still is the department's strategy, is to keep the scientific opportunity as rich as possible."

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