Friday, 19 September 2014


 Slumping at your desk can ruin your libido and make you angry and depressed . Bad posture can make you depressed, angry and less aroused, study finds. Led to speaking less, using more negative words and being self-absorbed

'As well as the more obvious problems, slouching squashes the abdominal area, reducing its supply of oxygen and nutrients. 
'This impairs digestion, leading to feelings of lethargy and sluggishness.
Poor posture also leads to shallow breathing. 'When this occurs the body perceives itself to be under attack and this exacerbates feelings of stress, which hampers sleep and energy levels.'

   Sitting up straight led to higher self-esteem, more arousal and better mood,Previous research found positive thinking was easier while sitting upright.

 HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE : put your bottom in the back of the chair. Get it right into the back, as if you were sitting on the lower part of your jean pocket, rather than the top. Sitting correctly will re-align your pelvis into the correct position.To stand tall, stand evenly on two feet, keep your back straight, knees soft and buttocks squeezed. Imagine a string in the middle of your head pulling you tall.Regardless of whether you’re standing, sitting or walking, pull your tummy muscles in all the way then release by half so you can still feel them working. This helps tone them and reduces the risk of lower back pain.Don’t use laptops for long periods of time.Try not to sit for more than 30 minutes without standing up, even for just a few seconds. This will allow different muscles to contract and blood to flow round.


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