Saturday, 27 September 2014


Monday: Anti-Stress Sex

        The first day of the week has her tension-levels skyrocketing. Ease her into sex by waiting until an hour after dinner, when she's had time to unwind

Tuesday: Before-Dinner Quickie

 Lean in for a long, wet, romantic kiss follow by a quickie before you both have bellies full of food

Wednesday: The Dry Hump

        Get over Hump Day by rediscovering the joys of dry humping. This is perfect for that moment when the DVD ends and you're both lying on the couch. Roll on top of her and do your thing!

Thursday: Lazy Sex

        Wait until you're curled up in bed to spoon her.

Friday: Post-Going Out Sex

        Don't wait to get settled. Start kissing at the door!

Saturday: Shower Sex

        Head out on a bike or run in the hot afternoon sun so that a shower is a must for both of you when you get back home.

Sunday: Morning Sex, Times 2

        Spend a half day in bed After you've slipped out of the sack to brush your teeth and grab a glass of water, climb back in and coax her into a sleepy a.m. romp. Afterward, use pillow talk and cuddling to keep her between the sheets until you feel something stirring again.

Let your second go-round be about exploration. Look and touch every inch of her. Kiss places you've neglected for months. This one isn't about reaching your peak or hers, it's about savoring every sensation


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  1. Nice way to mix things up, I sure will try it out to see if my wife likes things this way