Saturday, 20 September 2014


 Remember, there's no set manual for sex, so these suggestions are for inspiration rather than step-by-step instruction. 

Undress to impress :

Order her to stand still as you carefully peel off her clothing piece by piece. Make each motion slow and deliberate as you gently remove her high heels and unbutton her shirt buttons one by one. As you undress her, lightly kiss or caress each part of her body as it's revealed. Imagine you're unwrapping a precious gift. Comment on how gorgeous her body is. Stand back and admire it as it's slowly revealed to you. Admire her like a piece of art. Keep your own clothes on for an added touch of erotic control, or keep her standing there while you undress for her. And watch the magic unfold.

The nipple effect : 
Keep the touch light. Start with just your breath: hot ("haa") or cool ("whoo"). Then use your fingers to trace around the areola and over the bud, touching the tip with soft little strokes. Take. Your. Time. You need to develop a sense of worshipping the breast, completely focusing on the touch and feel. Gradually move on to stimulating her with light touches of the tongue.
Create a contrast by taking the whole nipple in your mouth and experiment with swirling tongue movements around the bud. If you feel she'd respond to more intense stimulation go for it, including playing with the border of pleasure and pain, but always with a sense of teasing

Finger tips :
Work your fingers in a spiral-like screwing motion as you move in and out of her. Do it slowly to get to know which areas are particularly pleasurable for her. Slow hand motions give her an exquisite building sensation that's almost unbearable. Alternatively, do it harder and faster for a more intense sensation.

Orgasm enhancer.
Once you've got a good move going with fingers, tongue or penis and she's clearly into it, keep that going without changing the pace, rhythm or intensity. Now, while the genital stimulation remains constant, build the pressure elsewhere on her body. It could be a kiss that gets more and more intense. It could be a nuzzle to the neck that turns into some vampire-like love-biting. It could be a stroking of the back that goes from pads of fingers to nails. It could be a stroking of her anus with your thumb that gets firmer and firmer until you're inside. Or a caressing of her bum that turns into a grip. Get to know what parts of her body respond to intense sensation through general foreplay activities. When you're sure it's something she likes, apply when she's approaching orgasm.

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