Saturday, 27 September 2014


Through habit, ignorance or laziness we’ve basically gotten used to calling our whole package a ‘vagina’. But the fact is that your vagina is literally just the canal or the ‘inside bit’. Your vulva is the ‘outside bits’, which include your inner and outer labia, but not your mons pubis.

Your mons is the area of fatty tissue over your pubic bone. It’s the area that’s covered with the upside-down triangle of pubes that we’re most ‘allowed’ to see in art and film

Your clitoris, while you can only see the tip of the iceberg, the rest of it wing-bones along the inner labia and around your vagina, which means that ‘finding your clit’ is really just a matter of giving your lips a lovely massage. Current theories suggest that ‘internal’ or G-spot orgasms have a lot to do with how extensive the clit actually is.

To take care of your vagina -
1. Practice your Kegels!
2. do not douch
3. see your gynae for odours and heavy discharge
4. Have safe sex always!

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