Monday, 29 September 2014


Today i had a cervical cancer screening test done today! well it came out negative and i was advice to commence the HPV vaccine. Each dose is going to cost 7000 naira. The commplete vaccination consist of 3 shots which will be like 21000 naira! Whao is it worth it? i research and found the fact below.

Cervical Cancer in Nigeria

In Nigeria, population-based prevalence of abnormal cervical cytology has been studied. In one
study, in Ibadan, Nigeria by Thomas JO et al Acta Cytol 2012, 56(3): 251-8, the authors revealed
invasive cancer in 0.18% and the pre-cancer stages of high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions
(HSIL) (1.54%), atypical glandular cells (1.99%) and low grade (3.89%). Detection of the pre-cancer
stages could be done very early using a simple test called the Papanicolaou smear or simply called
Pap smear

in conclusion the rate of cervical cancer is relatively low in nigeria, but prevention is better than cure,so i got vaccinated!

what do you think? please leave a comment
will you get a screening
will you get vaccinated?

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